Leather Labels

Leather labels offer you the opportunity to convey an organic feeling around your products. 

Quality Synthetic Options

These rich labels vary in colour, making each one different to the next. Our leather printed labels that can be customised as you wish, so you can add that all-important finishing touch to your product, be it for leather patches or boots.

If you’re looking for a more uniform, consistent aesthetic while still retaining the benefits of a leather label, we can supply you with cost-effective synthetic leather labels.

CPS Group is dedicated to providing a professional printing service. If you’re looking for quality leather patch printing, we’ll deliver luxurious leather labels to use on denim, workwear and other garments. We’re also trusted by some of the UK’s biggest retail brands to work to tight deadlines, so you can be sure that you’ll receive your leather labels in a fast turnaround.

Find out if our leather labels are right for your project – request a free sample today.

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