Woven Labels

CPS Group is one of the UK’s largest suppliers of custom sew-on woven labels and printed labels. Our customers love us for our product quality, competitive prices, a quick turnaround and professional service.

A Woven Label Supplier You Can Trust

We’re proud to supply many of the UK’s largest brands with branded labels, care labels, size labels and wash labels. 

From mattress and bed retailers to clothes stores and pet shops, our printing expertise allows dozens of organisations to find the labelling that suits them.

We offer a selection of different materials, so you can choose a suitable label to fit your budget, usage and product type. There’s Standard Damask, Satin Polyester, Nylon Taffeta and Damask with Lurex Yarn – and so much more.

We understand that choosing the right label is important so request a sample today and let us make your decision easier.

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