Swatch Cuttings & Envelopes 

Offering your customers the opportunity to see and feel the fabric before they purchase is a big selling point, we can offer a single memo sample cutting as well as a bespoke printed envelopes they are inserted in.

Single memo samples

A stand-alone sample, this type of sample offers the relevant information you need about the fabric on an attached printed label. The edge finish can be customised to suit your material and be pinked or with a heat-sealed envelope label.

Sample Envelopes

We can offer a bespoke envelope to send out memo samples to your customers, allowing them to start their buying journey with a beautifully displayed sample through the post. We can hold memo cuttings in stock for call off alongside the envelopes.

Bespoke Swatches

Bespoke Swatches

We understand that sometimes the typical products we offer aren’t the perfect fit. When you need something unique, we will work with you to create a one-off piece that meets your specific goals.

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