Swatch Sample Books

We are one of only a few handmade swatch book manufacturers in the UK, we pride ourselves on a quality hand made finish. Choose from our standard sizes, colours and designs or go for something bespoke. These are the perfect way to showcase your product range.

Stack Books

Stack Swatch Books are the industries favourite. They are individual samples that are positioned directly on top of one another and bound together with stainless steel screws. The binder, and spine can be customized depending on how many fabrics you wish to be included and Stack Books can be created in a large variety of shapes and sizes. The swatches can be arranged in a single uniform stack or compiled with in a range of sizes. You could even add a small triangle piece of fabric added to each fabric to showcase a scatter cushion for example. Typically, the edges are finished by pinking but they can be machine overlocked also. 

Waterfall Books

The Beauty of a Waterfall Book is that is can offer a quick visual experience by displaying a greater range of samples in one hit, with all fabrics on display. Samples are set so that they are partially covering the next to create a waterfall effect. Waterfall samples can be presented flat or folded with a variety of edging styles. 

Looking for Swatch Cuttings & Envelopes?

Looking for Swatch Cuttings & Envelopes?

Allowing your customers to see and feel the fabric before they buy is a big selling point, we can offer the single memo sample cutting as well as the bespoke printed envelopes they can go in.

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